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Champion Fund Nation Corporation, is a 501 C3 – 831590100 – Public charitable organization,  it is founded by Gaston Mantero in 2019  for the purpose  in bringing together people from across the globe, to better mutual understanding.
“C H A M P I O N” is divided into the basic pillars of { Culture, History, Art, Music, Preservation, International, Organizations to Nation”}.     (Click on the icons on our main page for further description). 
With a primary focus on assisting the international arts community in Los Angeles, and expanding beyond our state local boundaries to the countries of the world. Our purpose is to assist the international community in the creation of and putting on of art and historical exhibitions, musical and dance concerts film, and other media and cultural events. Our expertise covers everything from putting on charitable Events: Like Film, Theater Food’s Fashion Dance promotion Permits TV Video Studio and red carpet Projects, to assisting fundraising empowering historical preservation, and beyond.
Furthermore, it is our concern to care for the disadvantaged and economically challenged, to include them as much as possible in cultural enrichment and active participation in learning about and sharing their history, culture, and art in the USA.
Champion Foundation will also act as a warehouse of information, by referring and linking interested parties to experts in fields of their interest, be it for publicity, museum creation, or scholarship and study of our shared international heritage.
Under our umbrella is collative, of information and opportunity, whenever you are from, whatever language you speak, and whatever art or music you love and wish to experience, or wish to share, be it your own community partner up with Champion Fund Nation Corporation Choose us to be your re-presenters in Charity services.
We can provide the space, or location to help you find it. We can provide thoughtful assistance in getting started, or in completing and realizing your dreams, so that others may share in the same dream. For it is only once we understand each other, together we stand, people helping people we can come together, and all be the richer for it.
Contact us now, or at your ease.
We will bring the expertise!